Development Info
Genre: Turn Based RPG
Made Using C# My Role: Developer
Development Time: 100 hours
  • Explore a randomly generated dungeon.
  • Create a character from 3 unique races and classes.
  • Over a thousand possible items to find.
Game Summary
Dungeon Descender began as a project for a final for our C# programming class. We were supposed to create a text adventure that only had a few unique rooms and items, but I wanted to create a 'roguelike' with randomized dungeons and items, unique races and classes, and a leveling system, thus Dungeon Descender was born. At the beginning you can select between playing as a Human, an Elf, or a Dwarf. The different races will have different base attributes. You can then choose between playing as a warrior, mage, or palidan; all of which have different attributes and abilities. After character creation, you are thrown into a dungeon you explore by typing which direction you want to go. In this dungeon you'll fight monsters in exciting turn-based combat, find one of over a thousand possible weapons or armor items, find wells that replenish your health and mana, and maybe even fight a dragon.

The Source Code