Development Info
Genre: Third Person Shooter
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
My Role: Developer
Development Time: 125 hours
  • Rotate platforms and entire rooms to solve puzzles, find items, and progress through the level.
  • Shoot switches to open doors and turn objects.
  • Fight large, magical statues as well as your standard Gears of War enemies.
Download GoW: Forgotten Temple
Requires Gears of War to play.
Mod Description

Forgotten Temple is a single player third-person shooter mod for the original Gears of War. My goal in creating this mod was to script some gameplay that was both fun and fairly unique compared to the standard gears of war gameplay, and I felt like I accomplished that. You play as Marcus Fenix who is on a mission to find a powerful power source hidden away in an ancient temple. In the Forgotten Temple you'll find pressure plates you can shoot to open doors as well as rotate objects and entire rooms. Dangers lurk around every corner: from the magical defenses of the temple to the locust who beat Fenix there and have set up ambushes for him.

Level Design

The player begins this mod down in area one (further details or areas 1, 2, and 3 below). After hitting a pressure plate in area 1, the central room will rotate around, creating an opening so that the player can enter. At this point, there are several openings in the central room, but the only one the player can reach is the entrance to the 2nd area, where the player will find another pressure plate that rotates the central room again. Now, the player should be able to enter the central area and have access to the third area. After solving a puzzle and fighting quite a few dangerous enemies, the player will find the last pressure plate that rotates the central room again, placing the relic that the player is looking for in a reachable area. As the player approaches the ancient relic, an ancient guardian is activated and flies around the room attacking the player. After defeating this boss, the mod ends with a cinematic of Marcus Fenix asking for an evac.
The player begins the mod here, and receives a radio transmission telling him what his objective is and also giving a hint that he should shoot the plates on the wall in front of him. There are two pressure plates on the wall in front of where the player begins and shooting one raises the door halfway. This teaches the player to recognize that the pressure plates will do various things when shot, a mechanic that is used throughout the temple. Upon entering the next room, the player is faced with the first of two temple guardians, a giant statue that will fly around in a predictable pattern and shoot at the player. After defeating this statue the entire next room will rotate 90 degrees, creating an opening to pass through.
Right when the player walks into this area, four flame traps blocking his path will activate. The player will have to avoid the fire or take heavy damage. Next the player is faced with a gap filled with water and a platform that is rotated the wrong direction. Shooting the pressure plate on the other side will rotate the platform so that the player can cross, and then shooting the pressure plate on the player's left will raise and lower the water and the platform. Below the water, the player can find a shotgun as well as some ammo. After crossing the gap, the player is attacked by two locust who have taken advantage of some cover provided by collapsed pillars. Behind these enemies is another pressure plate that will rotate the central room.
The first thing in this area is a more complicated rotating platform puzzle than in the previous area. There are three platforms and three switches that the player must shoot to rotate them to the right side so the player can make it across the gap. After the platforms are properly aligned, a fire trap in the middle of the room will activate and the player will be ambushed by two enemies. After defeating them, the player will then come across a hallway that has a Boomer (large enemy with a grenade launcher) and several more flame traps. Behind the Boomer is another switch that will, for the last time, rotate the central area.

Scripting Examples

This script creates a 'mini-boss' out of an eagle statue by creating several matinees that move it around, having it fire projectiles at the player, and checking to see when it takes damage. When it takes damage, it plays a matinee that briefly turns the statue red to indicate it was hit, adds how much damage was done to a counter, and then checks to see if that counter is higher than the health of the statue. If the eagle has taken more damage than it has health, it will disable the statue, spawn several rocks, create an explosion launching the rocks around, and then it will rotate the central area.
When the player hits a trigger volume that is close to where the flame traps are, they will be activated. Two traps will turn on instantly, and the other two are initially on a delay. When the flame traps turn on, a particle effect is enabled, a light is turned on, and a physics volume that will damage anything in it is toggled on. After a brief delay, the traps will toggle off or on.
To move the platform around, there are two 'pressure plates' that do different things when they take damage. The first one is pretty simple and only rotates the platform 90 degrees. The second one is a bit more complicated and does quite a few things. The second plate raises and lowers the platform, raises and lowers the water, and plays a matinee that turns on and off the waterfall that fills the pit up with water.
This script is just one of several used in this room. On the far wall is a 'pressure plate' that will rotate the first platform. A check has to be made to make sure the player is not on the platform, because if he is the player will be dumped off into the pit with no way to get out. So if the player is in the trigger area on top of the platform, it will disable the pressure plate. Also, after the first time the player walks out onto this platform, a locust ambush will spawn and attack him from the other side.