Development Info
Team Size: 10 People
Genre: Multiplayer First Person Shooter
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Development Time: 4 Months
My Role: Level Designer
  • Capture The Flag
  • 3 Unique Weapons
  • Reactive Environment
  • Cartoon Aesthetic
Game Summary
Mushees is a fast-paced multiplayer first person shooter with two different gameplay modes and a cartoony aesthetic. You can play either capture the flag or a team-based unique take on 'keep away', where the player can become the mushee and scores points for as long as he can survive as the mushee. Wielding a few classic FPS weapons, the players can play for either the Satu or the Dua in a contest to capture all the mushees, a sentient race of fungus capable of generating immense power.

My Responsibilities
  • Created an initial whitebox for the level that emphasized a lot of running and jumping that was then iterated on by the team.
  • Helped balance weapons and gameplay mechanics.
  • Created all particle effects in the game, including weapon particles, explosion particles, and enviormental particles.
  • Worked with a programmer to properly implement weapon particles.
  • Placed majority of the environmental clutter around the map.
  • Worked with another designer to implement grass that blew in the wind.
  • Implemented a few environmental matinees around the map.

Level Design in Mushees

Mushees Level Map
The initial ideas for the map was to create a fun, unique experience that also had gameplay that made sense with the art style that was being created. This direction led us to creating levels with lots of fast-paced running and jumping. We noticed that it took players a little bit of time to adjust to the skill required to maneuver around the map, but once they got the hang of it they really enjoyed the fast-paced action that led to them almost flying around the map in seconds. The level is a symmetrical (in only one direction) map that has the bases on either side of the map. The majority of the stronger weapons and the power-up are in the middle which will pull a lot of the action that direction, but the rest of the map is designed in such a way that the players can go around the outside of the map and get a safer path as well as get a good vantage point on the rest of the map. The level has a lot of verticality, creating several levels for players to run around on and to heavily encourage jumping, a mechanic we wanted to emphasize from very early in the creation process. After many iterations, the final layout of the map helped create Mushees into a very fun, and unique experience.

Particle Effects in Mushees

One of my tasks for Mushees was to create all of the particle effects used in the game, and the above video contains a sample of some of the particle effects I created. The first one is a black hole which is used as an environmental effect. Every so often a matinee will play where two spaceships come out of black holes and get into a fight in the air above the players before they crash and drop a powerup that the player can pickup. The next particle in the video is the alternate fire particle for the assault pistol as well as the impact of it. Each weapon in the game has its own unique primary fire, alternate fire, impact particles, and muzzle flashes. Environmental particles are also used pretty heavily throughout Mushees. Each base has a color-coded particle by the space ship indicating which base you are at and each mushroom platform has color coded spores around it which create an interesting environment as well as help indicate to the player where on the map they are.