Development Info
Genre: Puzzle-Platformer
Engine: Source SDK
My Role: Developer
Development Time: 175 hours
  • Switch between two robots and use them to help each other progress through the level.
  • Momentum is conserved when switching between robots, allowing you to use one robot to launch the other.
  • Play two levels with visually distinct environments: the clean environment, and the underground environment.
Download S.W.A.P. for Portal2
Requires Portal 2 to play.
Mod Description

S.W.A.P. takes a unique twist on standard Portal puzzles by letting the player approach puzzles from two directions by swapping between two different characters in different locations. Switch between Atlas and P-Body to help each of them progress through the various puzzles. Many of the classic Portal puzzle elements are used, such as hitting a button to spawn a companion cube for the other robot to use, or holding a button down to create a light bridge, but there are also new mechanics, such as conservation of momentum when switching. The speed and direction you are going are maintained when you switch between the two robots, so if you launch one robot at a high speed in a certain direction and then immediately switch, the other robot will now be going at a high speed in the same direction. Master switching between the two robots and all the mechanics that go with it to beat two unique levels with completely different environments.

Level 01

The first level is the level with the clean environment and introduces the new mechanic of switching between characters to the player and teaching them all the different things the player can do with this mechanic. It begins with a very easy puzzle and a text pop-up that explains to the player how to switch between the two characters. After this puzzle, one of the characters is faced with a wall that can not be jumped over and a text pop-up explaining that momentum is conserved when the player switches between the two characters, so the player can solve this puzzle by getting a lot of upward momentum with one character, and switching to the other to jump over the wall. The third and final puzzle in this level is a much more complicated puzzle that requires the player to switch between the characters to hit buttons for each other and also transfer momentum to make jumps otherwise impossible to make.

Level 02

In the second level, it is assumed that the player is at least a little familiar with the mechanics and has more complicated puzzle. The level uses different variations of the new mechanic, such as getting a box for the other character, opening portals for each other, transferring momentum to make jumps, and standing on buttons for each other, all while utilizing many different Portal 2 elements like the gel and excursion funnels. This level uses the underground environmental assets, and is a lot more cluttered and visually interesting than your typical clean environments.